Nonfiction Bear Magnet Board

One of my goals is to do more activities for Kindergarten. I decided to try and make a flannel or magnet board set for each of our lessons. Creating 16 sets of Mr. Wiggle’s Book was worth it! The students loved it!

Our next set of lessons was about books as stories and books as information. I was inspired by a Flannel Friday post about Brown Bear, Brown Bear and made magnet pieces from patterns at DKTK. I added speech bubbles to say “____ ____, ____ ____ what do you see?” and “I see a ____ ____ looking at me.”

It was another big success! One student who doesn’t speak a lot was telling himself the story, chanting all of the character names.

The next week we went from fiction stories of bears (a la Goldilocks) to nonfiction. I am most excited about this bear set. I created text boxes for several bear facts from our bear information books. I also found photographs of three types of bears, some dens, trees, and fish and printed those. I’d like to add some pieces to this set such as more foods and an ice or river setting, but it was a big hit as is! I made eight sets and printed the text boxes on a different color of paper for each set.

If you’ve never heard of Flannel Fridays you need to check it out! A group of (mostly) public library storytellers post great pictures of their flannel board creation to engage young participants in literacy! You can find them on Pinterest or at the Flannel Friday blog. Sarah at Read, Sarah, Read has the round up for this week.

Download @ Google Drive


  1. Very cool way to introduce and engage children with non-fiction. I love this idea!

    Thank you for joining us again for a Flannel Friday Round-Up. I enjoy reading your posts and seeing your creative ideas! You make me miss being in a school setting. Hmmm…I might be needing to return to teaching sooner than I had originally planned. :o) I miss it more and more ~ especially this time of year with so many exciting, fun Fall themes to choose from.

    Thanks again for sharing your beautiful sets!
    Have a lovely weekend!
    ~ K ~

  2. This is so fantastic! I love whatever font you used for your fact bubbles.

    • Sarah,

      I used a font called “KG Love you Through It.” You can find it by searching “KG” on She designs a lot of great fonts so you’ll see some wonderful choices. I get most of my fonts there and have been adding every new one she designs.

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