Monster Resources at Your Fingertips

Let’s start the month off right with a good dose of Monsters!  I don’t know about you, but I just can’t resist a good monster book!

Monster Resources @ Google Drive

These resources are all geared toward our youngest students. To dig into the monster theme for older students pick up Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich first as it makes a terrific Read Aloud. While Monsters are a topic that lead more toward crafts and entertainment (not bad in the right situation), you can turn them into a science research unit with very little work.

What characteristics does your monster need to enable it to survive in ____ habitat?

  1. Topic generation: identify an ecosystem (aim at a variety through the class)
  2. Students identify resources that will be useful to figure out what adaptations the monster should have for this environment.
  3. Locate the resources and begin to dig in!
  4. Take notes! (I’ve made a printable note taking guide for you!)
  5. Synthesize by identifying which characteristics from the research are most likely for your monster. Eyes at the top of the head to see above water? Large claws for ripping bark? Feathers because they dry quickly? (I would suggest that it is okay to mix and match animal and plant characteristics for this project-you’ll get more interesting results!
  6. Create your monster (draw? collage? paint?) and label adaptations in connection with characteristics of its ecosystem. i.e. “George” has eyes at the top of her head because she spends much of her time underwater in the swamp.”
  7. Review your research process. Use a rubric to score research work, notes, and product. 
Note Taking Guide @ Google Drive

If you need more monster-y ideas this is the right time of year with Teen Read Week (October 14-20) approaching. The theme: It Came from the Library! YALSA has a Pinterest Board to collect resources for promoting the library in ways most creepy!

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