Ecosystem Notetaking with PebbleGo

PebbleGo is the online resource I will pay for first and only if I had to choose between subscription resources. I make it a priority because Capstone has created a high quality product. I made a content map for the modules over the summer if you need one.

This month I want to introduce our 2nd graders to the resources that are available to them, including online resources. I planned a lesson to show them PebbleGo and World Book Online.

As soon as we were halfway through the first lesson with the first class I knew we wouldn’t be getting to World Book Online. I’ll have to plan that for later this year.

I decided to keep it simple for this introduction. Instead of creating my own notetaking guide, I looked at the ones available for Ecosystems from PebbleGo. With every article there is a “Share What you Know” link in the sidebar that allows you to print a blackline master. These fit my needs perfectly. There is a large box for a picture, a few lines for notes, and one line for a source citation.

Our school has carts of laptops generally used for testing. This is the first time I’ve borrowed a few for instruction. At each table I placed a laptop, copies of notetaking guides for one Ecosystem (there are 7 in PebbleGo Earth & Space), pencils, and a box of crayons.

As a whole class I demonstrated how we were going to access Pebble go with the username and password. I showed students how I wanted them to read the article and then draw plants, animals, and the environment for their ecosystem. 

Students cooperated (mostly) in groups as they selected which page of the article to read first. It was a little chaotic as seven groups listened to the narration without headphones, but for the most part it worked. I asked them to listen and then to draw. The group in the photo figured out how to zoom in on the picture. They were really excited about this because they were assigned to the forest ecosystem and one picture is of a deer hidden in a grove of trees. To draw a deer they wanted a larger picture! I was really impressed with their thinking.


  1. I agree. PebbleGo has done everything right with this database! I would fight tooth and nail before giving it up!!

    • Every chance I get to show teachers PebbleGo I snatch it! Today a teacher came in wanting life cycle information. After pulling a few requested books I showed her the PebbleGo link I have on my Destiny homepage and how she could see lifecycle info on over 200 animals. I can’t wait to hear if she used it with her class!

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