Read for the Record: Ladybug Girl

October 4th is Read for the Record Day! Jumpstart is promoting literacy and early education. Each year a picture book is chosen for the honor of millions of read-alouds. This year is Ladybug Girl and the Bug Squad by David Soman and Jacky Davis.


I love the fact that you can read the book online at We Give Books! Registration is free. Some books can be read without registering.

Have you ever participated in Read for the Record before? I have not, but I plan to do something with it this year. It is during our Book Fair week, so it’s a bit busy around the library.

I definitely plan to invite teachers to use the online version to read with their classes. I will probably make a few classroom visits as well as our media assistant and reading specialists. Between all of us we can probably visit most of the primary classrooms. Not very fancy plans, I admit. I struggle with how to promote this book with my older students. One thought I had was that I could promote it as a read aloud to a younger sibling and encourage family literacy.

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