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Google Play is one of my new favorite friends. I didn’t even know Google had a music player until my sister mentioned it to me right before school started. She just knows awesome stuff!

I used my ipod some last spring to play background music in the library, but it was just problematic. Using the player I used for CDs or tracks during a lesson meant that the music was coming from near my teaching space. It seemed like every time I got the music going I would have to turn it off for some reason. Hours later I would think, “we need music in here!”

The best place to have music in my library is at the checkout stations so using the computer to stream music is perfect. And Google Play is even perfect-er! Streaming a radio station is too risky. I’m not willing to have current hits play in my space for students of elementary age.

I already use Google for our library calendar and to-do list. All I had to do was login as my library self to Google’s Music Manager on my personal home computer while at home in my PJs and specify my library soundtracks from itunes. At school I can bring Google Play up at the circulation desk and just play!

I don’t know a lot about Google Play, but I do know that Google doesn’t actually upload your files to cloud storage. Instead it matches tracks to its musical database and knows which songs you have in your library. It then plays it from its file collection. That’s a long way to say that it doesn’t take that long to upload because it’s not actually uploading the data of the entire file.

After posting a request to the LM_NET community in August I got a lot of responses that helped me build my library music playlist. I have a ‘relaxing’ list, an ‘energy’ list and a ‘teacher workdays’ list. Between what I had and about $30 remaining on some itunes gift cards, I feel like my selection is more well rounded. With a few exceptions (like Enya) I choose songs without lyrics. I think it’s easier for students to read and write without words. And it’s less risky.

My suggestions….

Appalachian Journey (album title)
August Rush (original score for the motion picture)
Dan Gibson’s Solitudes (artist/album series)
Billy Joels’ Fantasies & Delusions (artist/album title)
Christopher Peacock’s Air (artist/album title)
Disney variety (motion picture soundtracks)
Enya (artist)
First Knight (motion picture soundtrack)
George Winston (artist)
Harry Potter (motion picture soundtrack)
Michael Palermo’s After Hours (artist/album title)
Pirates of the Caribbean (motion picture soundtrack)

September 28, 2012
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