Let Checkout Sing!

One of my favorite Destiny tricks is changing the sound effects for the circulation system. I change the sounds about every month to keep the students and myself entertained. Sound effects are a fantastic free prize any of your students will love!

I usually choose two sounds–the ‘good’ sound and the ‘I need help’ sound. It’s a good idea to find sounds that you have permission to use. I find a lot of mine from pacdv which has a lot of clips which are short enough for Destiny. If you click on a category like “Voices and Vocal Sound Effects” you’ll see a list of sounds that are named and the Duration column. Destiny requires sounds that are 2 seconds or less. You’ll also notice that you can’t just show this page to a student and ask him to pick out a sound! Instead, I keep a folder of sounds I’ve picked out for the student who has won the prize to choose from. To play the sound click the green ‘play’ arrow. To save the sound, right click on the sound name and choose “Save Link As” or “Save Target As.” This should allow you to save it on your computer as a .wav file.

As I seem to be on a Destiny tutorial kick lately, directions are included below.  Essentially you take a 2 second sound clip, upload it, and whallah! The entire process would take a skilled Destiny user less than 5 minutes with most of that time being the decision of which sound to use. Someone more unfamiliar with audio files and the Back Office settings of Destiny might take about 15 minutes. There’s a quick learning curve on this one!

Download from Google Drive
September 2, 2012
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