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I was asked to do a lesson on I-PICK. If you’ve never heard the phrase, it’s an acronym for guiding students to choose just right books. I like the steps because none of them say “choose a book on your level.” Also because it encourages students to think about their purpose for reading. I think it helps them add variety.

Here are some of the resources I’ve found. I knew better than to invent the wheel on this one!

First, there’s a great PowerPoint by Gail Boushey and Joan Moser from the 2sisters.com, but posted on a wiki. Depending on your purpose, I suggest modifying it for length. I cut it down to 12 essential slides for my 10 minute mini-lesson. I love the opening where the students are asked to think about the purpose for their shoes and to examine the shoes of the teacher. It makes a great transition for choosing books that are for the right purpose and fit you well.

Posters! Make one to give to the class that participated in your lesson and put one up near your shelf-markers to remind students.

Next up, bookmarks!

I wanted something students could color during book checkout. I am not a coloring page sort of girl. But I wanted students to have the option of reading their new books or reviewing the I-PICK steps.

There are a lot of bookmarks on Pinterest as well, but I do like to make my own materials when I can. There are cute doodle boys and girls at stock.xchang where I get most of my graphics. I quickly photoshopped them to take their color out so they could be colored.

Printable from Google Drive

And finally, the video! Two choices, but I know there are more out there!

September 20, 2012
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