Destiny Images of your Cutie Pies

Do your students get their picture taken by a photography company? Did you know that you can usually get a picture disc that will upload directly? Sometimes it will already be formatted for Follett!

When I did my internship in graduate school, my mentor teacher shared his picture trick with me. He said that when he had reached those days when the fourth grade attitude started and cranky overwhelmed the classroom then he would go and look through student records. Currently it seems that student records are so streamlined that pictures are often missing, but then all of the previous pictures were on student records. He said he could see the smiles, the lost teeth, the cute pigtails and it would remind him that there was an adorable child underneath all the drama.

But, I digress.

You can do the same thing in Destiny! If you upload their pictures then you have an everyday positive remind of your students. That, and it makes checkout easier!

Plus, it’s super-duper easy.

If you have a picture disc–use it. We did that last year. Now, all of the students have moved up a grade, but their pictures are still there! Except for my Kinders and any new students.

Checkout is much simpler if I can see a picture matched to the student’s name. It helps students doing self checkout know that they are checking out with the right name.

And, it takes less than 30 minutes to get a class into the system. I decided to add all of the Kinders during their first library class instead of waiting a few months for picture day.

Tutorial at Google Drive

Here are the basic steps:

  1. Print a class roster from Destiny.
  2. Snap headshots of each student. You can visit their classroom and borrow them one at a time. I do have a library with an assistant, so she took the pictures while I read Mr. Wiggle’s Book. It doesn’t matter what order you take the pictures in. Number your pictures sequentially beginning at 1 with the first student you photograph. Write #1 on the roster next to their name. Continue numbering the roster as you photograph the entire class.
  3. Upload your pictures onto your computer. Quickly rename the photos to be 01.jpg, 02. jpg, etc. keeping the kids in the same order. If you took a bad picture, delete it, but make sure your numbers stay aligned.
  4. Put all the images in a folder named something like “Teacher Name Pics.”
  5. Edit the idlink text file and save it into the same folder.
  6. Make the folder a zip file.
  7. Upload the file into Destiny.
  8. Grin at all your cutie pies!

When I get the picture disk later this fall, all photos will be updated if a new photo is available.

I may be out of Destiny tricks now…. If you have a request, sound off and I’ll see what I can do!

September 12, 2012
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