Chocolate Jar is Open for Business

Here we go…the first day of school! (It’s gotten so rushed I don’t even have a picture to post!)

Right now my Chocolate Jars stand ready and full. They are my handy-dandy easy-peasy chocolately advocacy tool! Filled all year long and available for all.

If you can’t lure your coworkers into your office with chocolate and a listening ear then I think your other advocacy tools won’t work.

Speaking of advocacy, a fellow librarian of mine shared this link to ALA resources today. I had not seen this page before. To be honest, sometimes I find the ALA site a bit challenging to navigate. I was glad to see the direct link.

ALA Advocacy University Resources

This is a 5-minute link perfect for back-to-school. Do you write a staff or parent newsletter? Some of the talking points would be perfect to embed in the literature for your program.

September 4, 2012
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