A Bit of Bling

I’ve added a bit of sparkle to my shelves this year. Like many ideas I’ve implemented this one didn’t start with me. Completely borrowed from a friend of mine! It’s such a simple way to mark the alphabetical order of your shelves. I LOVE it!

Box or two of foam letters
Rubber cement

The letters on my shelves came as stickers with a backing you can peel off and stick. I do not recommend using sticking letters. I tested one. Getting it off required me to use a scraper and I still had green residue left on the shelf.Instead, I just used rubber cement to stick the letters to the shelves. The letters can peel off easily and even restick (if they don’t get dirty).

The letters have been in use with students at the shelves for three weeks now and I haven’t lost a letter yet. I’m optimistic that I can keep most of them in play during the year.

I only did the Everybody shelves.  I have more traditional shelf tags on the fiction shelves. I think though that my students can benefit with some more letters being added to the shelf. I’m going to buy a different style.

In this photo of my last shelf you can see that we love our Elephant & Piggie books. The shelf has been ravaged just a little bit. This shelf in particular is the one that gets referred to a lot. The letters have been a great help since I reorganized and all the authors and series are in new locations.

You can also see that I don’t have any books that needed an X. I left it off the shelf on purpose. On shelves in the B and S sections, I put three identical letters all the way across the shelf. Some shelves have four letters. I tried to label each one accurately.

September 26, 2012
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