This Month Is…

Fact: There are a lot of resources available for monthly Holidays, Events & Observances from the serious to the silly.

Wonderful Coincidence: Over the summer one of our reading specialists and I crossed paths and both had a similar idea to share: create a monthly poster of resources to display for the staff.

I suggested using the many calendars already available to choose our events. We picked four that are important for the month of September and integrate well into content areas. I made a quick poster (2 81/2 x 11s) identifying the date of the observance, a few resources from our catalog shown as book covers, and a simple connection to our state standards. We printed in color, mounted on large construction paper, and posted in a few spots around the school.

We’ve set a deadline for ourselves to look over the calendars for the rest of the year, choose our events, and then divide up the posters for the remaining months. We hope the posters will be a good reminder for some of the less known observances as well as a reminder that there are resources available beyond the classroom.

Just a screen shot for this one….maybe next month I can share!

My favorite places to get calendars appropriate for this project are Library Sparks and School Library Monthly. School Library Monthly has their almanacs for author & illustrators and for events posted online from the previous year. Library Sparks has resources online, but not their monthly calendars. They do come out during the previous month and are a great print resource.

August 29, 2012
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