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One of my favorite widgets is from PictureTrail.com. I like this widget because it uses only html code and not java script and can therefore be displayed on Destiny homepages. This is the perfect place to display pictures of new books, a library tour, or events.

I love PictureTrail because it’s free and also has some great features. You can embed the code on your website and then make future updates just from PictureTrail. Your widget will update automatically. I use my widget to display book covers and call numbers of books we’ve added to our collection. I update mine about every 6 weeks. I wasn’t sure it would make a difference, but about a week after changing my homepage a student said to me, “Where’s 133.1?”

“Huh?” (I had never had a student ask for a call number that specific before!)

“So I can find that book that’s on the computer.”

“Ohhhh, sure!”

PictureTrail allows you to add captions, but the call numbers in my examples were photoshopped. I loooove photoshop and make all of my graphics instead of just pulling them off the web. 

I have several computers available for catalog searching. We keep it open anytime a student isn’t using a computer for something else. My Destiny homepage is a lot of real estate that wasn’t being used effectively. When I started adding more visuals through PictureTrail and image links to our resources it started getting a lot more interest.

Tutorial! It gives a simple overview of the steps for uploading pictures and creating your PictureTrail display. 

Download from GoogleDrive
August 21, 2012
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