Destiny Resources in Visual Search

One of my on-going projects is to create Destiny Resource lists related to curriculum areas for each grade level.  It will allow teachers to see which district-recommended resources are available for each unit of instruction.

To encourage teachers to use the lists I’ve created I’ve utilized two other features of Destiny: Visual Search and Homepage Editing. My ultimate goal is that teachers can click a link on the homepage that will take them to a customized Visual Search page with the Resource Lists available.

Here’s how I did it…..

I wrote tutorials for each individual step of the process. Lots of screen shots and lots of “Click Here Now!” arrows.

1. Create a Public Resource List

Create Resource Lists @ Google Drive

2. Connect the Resource List to a Visual Search

Connect Resource List to Visual Search @ Google Drive

3. Add a Homepage link to your Visual Search

Homepage Link to Visual Search @ Google Drive


  1. Thank you so much for this! Just the ticket for CCS and new teachers coming on board this year.

  2. Mrs. B–you’re very welcome! I hope they help and are simple enough to execute easily. Be sure to post if there are any issues!

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