Canvas Poster DIY

Like many classrooms, I’m required to display signs for many different topics: school vision, school mission statement, class expectations, a selection of character traits, and the multiple intelligences. We are an “MI” school and regularly incorporate the multiple intelligences into instruction. 

I’m getting a little tired of printing, laminating, and posting everything as an 8 1/2 by 11 sign. It’s limiting and not creative.

I decided to try a more crafty option for one set of my required signs. I wanted something to enhance the library decor and thought about trying canvas painting.


  • Canvas panels (12 inches square)
  • Material to use as stencils (I used sheet protectors)
  • Adhesive spray
  • Paint (regular acrylic from the craft store)
  • Brushes
  • Protective finish spray (I used a matte finish for these)


  1. Enlarge the graphic to about 10 inches square and print. For several I printed one copy and then shifted the other half of the graphic on the page and reprinted.
  2. Use sharpie to trace the graphic onto your plastic stencil (the clear material helped because I didn’t need to cut my prints)
  3. Cut out the stencils
  4. Use adhesive spray to fix stencils onto the canvas (Tip: if you put the sharpie side down like I did on a few, the black line will show on your canvas. Oh well….next time I’ll get it right!)
  5. Paint
  6. Spray with a protective finish

I used command strip hangers to put the canvas on the wall. On the back of these panels is a square label. I was able to put the command strips in the same location on each. I can shuffle the panels within the array to create a new arrangement which is a nice option. 

Just as I get tired of print-laminate-post I know I can’t go overboard with painted canvas as decor in the library, but I love these! It was so easy, but more expensive than printed signs. I think with the canvas and command strips (which are the only materials I’m not reusing for other projects) I spent $40. For me, the result is worth it.

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