Beehive Shadow Boxes

The last week of school a young lady brought me a box. Of beehives.

Oh yes.

And I am just that kind of teacher that I was really excited! My library is covered in posters and lacks the realia that I like to decorate with. Beehives were perfect! She explained to me how one beehive was kept whole so you can see the shape and the entryway. One of the beehives was chopped in half so you can see a cross section. And one piece was the wall of the beehive to see the layers. Brilliant girl!

And then I was stuck. With a box of beehives.

I wanted to display them in some kind of box with a clear front, like a shadow box. But shadow boxes are at most about 2 inches deep. I did some research and could have ordered some that were six inches deep online. For over $100. I don’t mind spending money on some things, but on a box I wasn’t sure was the right size and was custom made? No.

Coincidentally, as I was cleaning out CD cases for another project, I opened one of the boxes from my move and discovered a pair of shell speakers that I used for cheap surround sound in my old house. I probably won’t set them up here and they were the perfect size for my beehives!

In less than 2 minutes I had the screws off the back and the box gutted. Fabulous!

$13 dollars later and I had plexiglass and a small bag of screws.

I cut the plexiglass to the right size and fit it into space on the top of the speaker box where the cover had been. I used a drill to put holes in the plexiglass over the holes for the original screws in the wood frame. 8 screws later and I had two deep shadow boxes! I put the beehives in and screwed the backs onto the boxes. It took me less than an hour and $13 total for this great display space!

August 19, 2012
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