"Pick Me" Shelf Talkers

Along with working on bulletin boards I’ve been generating a list of ideas to liven up my displays in the library. I’m guilty of laziness and usually put books out by theme with very little fanfare.

Just another area where I’m seeking improvement!

One of the ideas I’ve seen is to have Shelf Talkers ready to put with books out on display. There are several ways to get the books to ‘talk’ to your students and encourage checkout. The simplest I’ve seen lately is to put these speech bubble signs, attached to shelf markers or bookmarks, and tuck them into books that might be overlooked on the shelves.

Each of these can be quickly displayed with a book that is sitting out on top of the shelf. After a student chooses the book with the Shelf Talker it can be easily slipped out of the book. The student can leave it at the circulation desk or put it in another book for display. I like the idea of empowering students to make recommendations. This is an easy way to encourage participation. I’ve designed a dozen speech bubble shelf talkers that are yours for the download!

Speech Bubble Shelf Talkers @ Google Drive

There are other ways to have your books and shelves ‘talk’ to your students. In bookstores and at book fairs recommended or advertised titles are often flagged with a slip of paper hanging over the shelf. Sometimes staff have written their personal recommendation for the book. Students in your library are good sources for reviews. If I were to try this I would have students review a series or author so the review could stay on the shelf with enough of a selection for other students to browse. For now, I’m starting small and simple, one shelf talker at a time.


  1. Fabulous idea! But I can’t find the link to download them!

  2. The link is the most important part, too! I think that’s the fault of my color scheme. Brown links look nice with the colors, but aren’t the most practical. I’ve changed it now so it should be more obvious. I also fixed my image link so you can click on the thumbnail. Enjoy!

  3. Thanks for fixing it. I will most definitely be using these in the fall.

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  7. Thanks so much for sharing the cute signs. I love the idea of encouraging student recommendations!

  8. I’ve tried your shelf talkers and LOVE them! How fun they are. I have to laugh when a student comes up and asks “what do I do with this?” as they hand me the book they want to check out with the “shelf talker” still attached. When I tell them to go and find a good book they’d like to put the shelf talker on, they are so excited. Thank you so much, not only for the idea, but for including the printouts.

  9. THANK YOU!! These are wonderful and I am going to put them to use right away. I’ve spent the last week looking for some new ideas to help spoof up my library and get the kids excited. Thank you for sharing these great signs.

  10. These are fantastic! Thanks so much for making them available free!

  11. Thanks for the idea! I’ve had this pinned for ages, but am finally printing them out to use after the big freeze that is keeping school closed. The kids are going to love it!

  12. These are wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing.

  13. Thank you so much for those great, funny & lovely signs they will be great motivations for my students to pick books and read!

  14. I have about 4 book displays on each shelf and rotate them regularly. I’ve increased my circulation this way by making it obvious that I have more than just Divergent and The Hunger Games.
    – Krys

  15. Thank you Carolyn, these are terrific – you have save me precious time – I know the kids will be excited to see these “talkers” in their library!

  16. Dear Carolyn

    These look great, but I can’t see where and how to download them.

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