Bulletin Board Blues

My hall bulletin board was under dressed for most of the year.

This is what I should be planning:

Black History Month

I’m barely one step above this:

This year I vow to get bulletin boards planned out in advance so that I’m ready when I get asked that question. Maybe I’ll even eliminate the question completely!

To do that I’m relying on two of my strengths. 1–planning ahead. 2–stealing.

Well, more like collecting ideas on Pinterest. Teachers are great at finding bits of ideas out there and making them work to their students’ success. Pinterest as a visual curration tool puts us in a collective mindset instead of an isolated one.

This is the board I saw that I’m planning to revise and recreate as my first board.

I’m going to change the slogan to reference starting off with a good book. Each circle will have a book cover taped to it. I’m going to attach the spinner to the board and indicate that each color is a category of reading. I have more than four ideas, but my top ones are: Authors, Series, Graphic Novels, Nonfiction, and Magazines. I think I might ditch Authors and go with the other four. I plan to use a real Twister mat so that it will be easy to transport. Once I’m finished with it in the hallway I have a good wall in the library where it can stay for another month. Score!

Download @ Google Drive

To aid my planning, I made a quick template to help me list materials and make a sketch of my plan. This will help me assemble all of the parts needed for the board. I’m going to store them in ziploc bags so that each will be ready for its month. Then the media assistant or I can quickly staple all of the parts onto the board. The template is available for you to download and use, if you need such a tool.

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