Clear for All to See

I don’t always get to every article in my feed reader, but last week I did read Doug Johnson’s Blue Skunk post about transparency.

I’ve been thinking more in this new position about sharing (which feels like over-sharing) about what I do. Yesterday a friend who I talk to every day said, “wait, you only teach two classes a day? Can I ask what you do with the rest of your day?”

It’s a legitimate question.

And then today went by in a flash and I thought, “yup, this is what I do everyday!”

When reading over Johnson’s list of items to keep open to your patrons and community, I’m doing okay on a few of them! For the first time, I created a monthly report. This includes circulation stats, results from the TRAILS assessment, a list of collaborative lessons I taught, a list of successes and a list of ‘what’s next?’ And I have an open calendar posted on my website so that teachers can schedule the library for additional classes.

I’m not sure what my budget is yet, but I am open about how much we raised at our recent book fair and what I want to use those funds for. Because I’m unsure about collection development I decide to create a survey for patrons to fill out if they have book suggestion ideas. It’s not the same about posting a budget, but if I show that I’m willing to accept ideas it should help. I can also post a summary of my consideration list online.

I love the idea of putting my goals out there for people to see. I’m going to include them in my next report, write a blog post about them, and post them on my website. I realize that my goals this year are simple, but they’re necessary and time consuming. Patrons should see the work that goes in to keeping the library program running top notch.

Go for it-be transparent!

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