Welcome Back

I’m back at it!

New school for the first time in over a decade. Which is strange to me because I still feel like this is my first year teaching. But it’s not. I’m kind of an expert. Go figure.

I did need to be reminded of that fact. I was floundering a bit last week. But over the weekend I was visiting with family and my brother-in-law said this simple fact, “they hired you because you have good ideas.”

I have ideas all right! I’m not sure they’re always good ideas, but I have to move forward with them so that I can get to the GREAT ideas!

I should mention something substantial, shouldn’t I……

Some of the first week issues I’ve dealt with:

  • Nonfiction books for Kinders being shelved with the picture books (not going to fly)
  • Kinders not previously allowed to browse nonfiction (also not going to fly)
  • Web filters (no youtube, delicious, or some of the widgets I would have liked to use)
  • Website software I can’t look at because it’s in transition (going to use a wiki anyway)
  • Student Self-Checkout (not sure it’s going to be an approved district practice)
  • Wall decor I find distracting but is brand new (long term plan to phase out with something better?)
  • Shelf arrangement that seems crowded with many books tipped sideways because they are too tall (long range planning for new shelves?)
  • No idea what the curriculum is (can’t locate a state information skills curriculum)
  • Partial flexible schedule (sounds great but I haven’t met the teachers to know what to teach)
  • Orientation (I have a list, but that’s it)
  • Registering for AASL (woot woot! allowed to go!)
  • Ordering magazines (Kiki!)
  • Ordering PebbleGo (three cheers for Capstone’s three modules!)
  • Examining collection statistics (need a weeding plan)
  • Librarian meeting about professional evaluation (nothing to fear there!)

And to think I haven’t felt busy enough this week? Huh.

Welcome back to school!

August 24, 2011
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    Excited to hear your ideas for another school year!

    August 27, 2011 at 5:41 pm
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