Fixed-Flex Schedule

Confession Time….

In my new school there’s kind of a flexible schedule in place. Not completely, but more flex than I’ve dealt with before.

I started this blog because there aren’t enough elementary librarians communicating about how to be advocates, particularly in a fixed schedule. There are natural limitations that we have to overcome in a fixed schedule with endurance, attitude adjustments, and innovative ideas.

And now I find myself with a semi-flex schedule. I can’t, however, say that it will naturally foster increased collaboration. I still have work ahead of me. So, onward!

Here’s the schedule: I teach in a five day rotation. But, I share the time block with two other special areas who also need collaborative time. I see all students in the school in five days during fixed classes and then I see no classes for the next ten days. At least, that’s how I understand the paperwork I was given today.

Challenges: How do I foster student learning in meaningful activities when I see them every third week?
What strategies can I use to work with teachers during the two flex weeks?
What other job duties might I get because I’m ‘not teaching?’

Students can benefit from integrated information skills.
Students can benefit from strong collaborative bonds with teachers and grade levels.

So far, I’m in the thinking stage. One step at a time….

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