Moving Forward

I’ve been safe where I am for a decade.

This spring I decided to take a risk and move. A friend of mine said, “One day she made the decision and the next day she had all her plans in place. I’ve never seen her move so fast!”

(Which isn’t really true, because I move super fast!)

Yes, I do have a plan. It has gone something like this:
1. Decide to move.
2. Let my principal know I’m job hunting.
3. Put my house up for sale.
4. Start making a ton of lists.
5. Got an offer on the house in record time.
6. Be patient about the job, but not discouraged.
7. Submit several applications online and send out dozens of resumes.
8. Pack.

There’s more to it than that, but that’s the basic rundown. I do have an interview, and would love to schedule at least one more so that I have options and don’t feel desperate.

I have a point here (I think).

Oh yes! I’m taking a risk! Going somewhere where I’m not loved, successful, or comfortable. Somewhere new where they don’t know me. I’ll have to really think about strategy for collaboration and teaching. Every step I make will have to be deliberate and well planned.


I’ll probably blog break over the summer and then pick up as soon as I have news to report. Wish me luck!

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