Smart Markers

This is a short and simple one today…..

We have several SMARTBoards and last year one of the boards was in an unattended room most of the year. Groups rotated in as they wanted to use it. And two markers went missing.


It’s so easy to put something else in the tray and hold the spot down, but it’s also tricky to find an object that’s easy for preschoolers on up to write with.

Problem solved with three easy to find items:

I used a pair of pliers to pull the inked piece out of an Expo marker. Add some super glue inside the cap and presto! A new marker for our SMARTBoard! I had to make a new one today because another one has gone missing. I hate that they are being picked up by students, but it really doesn’t matter what kind of writing device sits in the pen tray. This is a really great way to recycle dying markers and to keep our boards functioning.

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