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It’s about this time of the year when our state committee selects the list of Children’s Book Award Nominees from the hundreds suggested by students across the state. I place my order early because I save the money from our spring book fair and set it aside. I read an article once about the limitations of school libraries and their usual status due to low budgets of being ‘one copy’ collections. It’s challenging to meet students’ needs in one-copy libraries. I like to plan ahead so that I have the funding to buy at least 2 copies of all of our state award nominees. It’s a little thing, but it does make a difference to students.

For the past few years, I took the time to make a photo chart of the covers of books on the list. I keep the books on special display and the photo page served two purposes. It was good for a substitute who might be shelving to remember to put the books on display. It also was organized by call number and helped me go shelf to shelf to find books that might had been shelved accidentally.

Silly me. I was doing way too much work!

This year I used clear orange stickers over the spine labels and covered with label protectors. When I put them on, I worried about the long-term effect of these on the book. When I discard books, I often pull off labels to find that the stickiness is left behind. I did worry that after 9 months on the books that I would have the same problem.

I also changed the call numbers for the books this year, something I’ve never done. It was easy in Destiny to add a book award designation before the E, F or Dewey prefix. 

The Verdict:
The orange stickers have been wonderful this year! As the books have gotten returned, it has been so easy to return them to the display. If a volunteer shelved for me, I didn’t need to give special instructions because I knew how easy they would be to spot if the books put in the regular collection.

This past week I started to pull the stickers off as books were turned in. I still put them on display, but as the year races to a close I knew that it would be time for the books to find their new place on the shelves. I’m glad to say the labels peeled right off and left no sticky residue behind.

I can’t wait to order the next batch and get them in and labeled, ready for August!


  1. Where did you order the orange shear labels? I have looked at Demco and TLS and didn’t find them…unless I’m looking in the wrong spot??

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