Wiki Love

In an effort to improve something in my professional life this year, I began a library wiki. It has various purposes: a central location for staff development handouts, to share procedures and policies with parents, to share curriculum, to blog, and to provide a launch point for students to use when we work in the computer lab. The wiki isn’t perfect, but it’s growing and I’ve really enjoyed adding to it.

Even though it’s been a few weeks (or more) since we finished our country powerpoints, I came back to them this week because a colleague of mine discovered a new and fabulous widget! I love widgets! Especially wiki widgets.

Calameo is a site geared toward business enabling the uploading of presentations and documents for presentations. You can upload a PowerPoint to the site and it will allow you to embed the java script into your blog or wiki to display the presentation in miniature. There are several options for display. For this project, I chose to upload them as books. I was excited to find a shelf feature for the projects to be displayed in an attractive way without me uploading java code for each individually. You’ve probably seen this option for sites like Shelfari or GoodReads. And here they are!

There are some drawbacks to Calameo, and many things I don’t know about the site. As I mentioned in the previous post, students recorded their narration for their projects with our digital voice recorders. Calameo doesn’t upload the sound files with the project. You can loop a background track with the project, but it needs to be from a file saved online. So the projects posted online are text and pictures only without students’ narration. There are probably other sites with services similar to Calameo, but this is the discovery of the week for me.

So my wiki love continues, one widget at a time! If you blog or wiki, what are your favorite widgets and applications?

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