Bring on the Popcorn: The "Big" Screen

My teaching space has no walls. I can’t hang up posters, chart paper, or really anything for a lesson. You might be in the same boat. All the wall space is taken up with shelves. Add in the fact that my library is open to all the hallways of our school and that it is a hallway….well, I have no wall space.

This isn’t a huge challenge. I’m kind of glad not to be responsible for a real bulletin board. The only time it has been a problem is when I wanted to show something with the projector. I’m lucky to have a laptop and projector to use in the library. But the only screen we have that is mounted is with the group of tables where it’s in an awkward position and not great for teaching.

I went shopping for a king-sized white flat sheet and some Command strips. Throw in a pair of scissors and you have a screen that’s worthy of movie popcorn!

I did measure first before sticking or cutting anything. I measured for the hooks, planning that the sheet would stretch a bit. You want to make sure it goes up tight. I stretched the sheet tight and put holes in with scissors. Just a small slit. Getting a friend to help is a must for this project!

The sheet is easy to take down when the students are ready to check but books. I just whip it up in the air and it sails off the hooks (the kids love this!). If I need it for more than one class then the kids do go behind it if they need the shelf it blocks. I keep a step stool handy for reaching the hooks since it’s over my head.

The screen quality is great even with the lights on. I turn them off if I’m showing a video, but if I’m using the document camera to write and the kids are also writing on their white boards then I just leave the lights on. 
If we need to show something to a grade level I can fit 3-4 classes into my teaching space and the screen is so big all of the kids can see really well.

March 22, 2011
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