Book Fair Recovery

Book Fair was last week…

Need I say more?

I run the book fair twice a year. Sometimes I get parent volunteers. Sometimes not. I have to say it used to be worse. I used to have to take the cash drawer with me to the restroom. With Scholastic’s new scanner and locked cash drawer I can at least walk away to get my lunch or run other fast errands around the building.

I always think I can get little projects done on the side during book fair week. I am always so wrong. This past week I did get book orders of classroom books checked in on Monday during my preview time. And the rest of the week: nothing. Every time I moved away from the cash drawer another group of children arrived with their ziplocs full of change. It’s a good thing. The kids are excited. My teachers are positive about the book fair and never mind their classes being canceled.

The other thing that makes me crazy about book fair, besides the lack of ‘work’ I get done is my messy desk.

I can’t keep my space organized. My regular mess gets layered with book fair mess. And now on the desk there’s another layer of regular mess on top of that. I think you could excavate and create a timeline of my work life for the last month!

So this week I’m trying to get back in the swing of things! I got my library website updated, the book fair accounts closed out, and today I’m staring at the books that weren’t shelved by library elves over the last week!

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