Throw ’em Out!

I was kicked out of my library yesterday for a meeting. I shouldn’t phrase it like that, because it is really a good thing to change it up every now and then. I got the shelving done as the meeting was getting started and then I took my lessons, laptop, and my lunch (most important!) with me to my ‘workroom.’  It really is a workroom. But I don’t work in it. I don’t like to be holed up where I can’t be seen. I’m like a zoo animal who stands right by the glass so that I don’t miss anything. I especially don’t like missing the snacks. From my library I can see all the parents who bring in birthday cupcakes. Prime real estate is important in the quest for cupcakes.

So I’m in my workroom, sitting in a too-short chair at a too-crowded table, next to my supply shelf. Right at eye level is this shelf:

This shelf is an earlier version of my “weird books box.” It houses all of the books that I have checked out in the system to “Repair.” Repair has a lot of overdue books.

I decided that with my extra blocks of time I would handle the repair shelf. Except….most of these can’t be repaired. Or aren’t worth repairing. It would take me hours. I don’t have hours.

This is the moment in the library world when you have to be heartless and embrace loss. Say goodbye. Get out the discard stamp, open up the ‘delete copies’ section of your cataloging software and make them go away. Just do it. Don’t hem and haw and waste your time with ‘I might get to it someday.’ The books on this shelf have sat here at least A YEAR! I accept that they have been well loved and then say goodbye.

Some of the books are decent nonfiction and will go in my Research Station box (I like boxes). Some will go on the “Free to Teachers” table and then leftovers will go on the “Free to Students” table.

Coming Friday: Steps for Discarding a Book
Coming after Friday: A post that’s actually about teaching!


  1. Check out to repair–BRILLIANT!

    I was adding a note that they’re in the book hospital, but no one ever noticed the notes.

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