I need some Cheese for this Whine…

At school I am the go-to-girl. Find extra books from another library? Me. If you need bus duty covered? Me. Get the custodian to put an extra trashcan in the ladies room? Me.

I am not kidding. I do those things. I do more than those things. I feel sometimes like the deli department where you have to pull a ticket to wait your turn.

I can usually deal with all that. I’m mostly a positive and cheerful person  who likes to help. So what do you do when your job is to help others and you just don’t have any help left in you?

There are no answers ahead. I’m feeling a bit of blog-therapy coming on…

I realized, after putting on flannel jammies and digging the ice cream out of the freezer, that I need to recognize my triggers sooner. I already know what they are. Today I needed to deal with those triggers better, and I didn’t. My triggers for Ms. Cranky Pants are the times when my physical space starts to overwhelm me and when I don’t have a chunk of time to deal with it. I have a mental block that is completely irrational when my shelving carts overflow. And when my desk gets too crowded it gets worse. When both of these problems exist? Yikes.

These two problems made it harder for me to be cheerful about being helpful this week. I kept thinking about what I could do with MY time. Sheesh–just a bit selfish, I think!

So what are your triggers? What do you do to head them off before they inhibit you from doing your job–which, let’s face it, is to keep the school running!


  1. Carolyn,

    I am feeling your pain… and ready for Ben & Jerry’s as well! I, too, have had one of those weeks where I have given and given of myself and then feel walked on when I have not time left to try to do the nitty-gritty of my job.

    But I don’t think it is being selfish… I think it is frustration of seeing what you can do to help others but then who is offering the oxygen mask to you? When that cart of books is staring you down, it can be easy to get resentful.

    Triggers? I never really thought about the triggers… good point. I do not do a good job of heading them off… I am trying to just get better at how I react internally to the situation. Trying to talk myself down from the wall and put it into perspective. Easy to say, hard to do.

    Hang in there… know you are doing good things for kids!


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