Goal Setting

I set a lot of goals. Some I meet, some I change and some I say, “what was I thinking?!?”

I do have goals for this blog. I started it because I feel like there is a lack of elementary librarians blogging about their successes and failures on a traditional fixed schedule with fairly limited resources. Everyone has a different situation, but sometimes it’s hard to get helpful tips that can be implemented right away when reading about someone who just won a grant for thousands, or has a PTA to help, or lots of parent support, or a flex schedule where teachers love to collaborate.

I’m kind of in the middle. I have several teachers who love to collaborate a few times a year. Several who are quick to ask for resources (I love that!), most who welcome me at the lunch table with my post-its and pen. Generally I have an easy time integrating into classrooms for projects. However, we’re not quick to think of me when doing research. Research isn’t even done in each grade but once or twice a year. So, mostly, in the middle.

I get a limited budget from school funds, no support from the PTA other than being allowed to run a book fair twice a year. I often use my own paycheck. I lose a lot of books from damage, kids moving, and lost books that are never paid for.

As I type this a student just came up to say, “My mom says she has to go to Bingo tonight to get money for my book.”

Seriously? Am I going to charge this child for a library book? Hound her to get it returned? No! I’m going to go look at her record, find the book, mark it lost, delete the fine and move on with more serious issues.

I’m off topic….goals.

I love to share ideas. I’m a helper I guess. I like to presume that we all WANT to share ideas and we love to GET ideas, but that we all don’t have the same penchant for opening a big mouth and just going for it. Nor do we all have the same amount of time. It’s just the way that my brain works.

So Goal One is to share ideas. This helps both of us (if this is even an ‘us’ at this point). I document my accomplishments (and the ideas that fall flat) and you might learn something.

Goal Two is to have a good time with this. To be faithful and consistent, but cheerful and to approach the task with some measure of “it’s fun!”

Goal Three is more vague and not really a goal, but it’s my blog. I’m not a leader in the librarian community. I’m not even old hat at this. This is year five. I’m not sure who I want to be as a professional. But if what I want to read isn’t out there, then I feel like it’s time to get my fingers moving and see what I have to offer. I’m not an expert. I don’t read tombs of research. I won’t offer earth shattering advice, but doesn’t someone have to start somewhere?

There are a lot of blog voices out there. Maybe there’s room for me?

February 3, 2011
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